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Perrussel Genealogy Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 3

July 2001
Vol. 1 No. 3

Waunita Perrussel Cass
Charles Bonjour
Benjamin Allen (the first one)

Thanks to all who have written concerning the first two editions of the newsletter. I keep getting more information…so that should mean more newsletters in the future. As I make Contact with more family members..the more information comes in. I've requested that Several of you complete the information on your branch of the tree. You can e-mail me the information or I can mail you forms to complete….would you please take time to provide the information so that we may have as complete tree as possible.

If you know other members of the Perrussel/Bonjour/Shockey/Allen family members that Have e-mail, please forward their name and address, and I'll be happy to add them to the list. Also, please feel free to make hard copies for those not on-line.

I've recently installed a scanner…as some of you have discovered. If you have any family photos you would like to share, I will be happy to scan them and Transmit to the rest of the group. If you have a scanner, please scan these old photos And e-mail them to me!!

I'll dedicate this edition to Elsie Adell Perrussel (Lewis) 1896-1999. She was known as the Perrussel family historian for many years. I started this quest for family history with a letter to Aunt Elsie about 12 years ago. She wrote back about 6 hand-written pages that gave me the start. Sorry to say, I had put the letter away…and located it several months ago. I wish I had become interested earlier. She would have been able to fill in much of the details right off the top of hear head. She had known so many of the family in her 103-year lifetime.

Waunita Perrussel Cass

A sad note to the group…Waunita Alice Perrussel (Cass) passed away in the Onaga, KS Community Hospital on June 15, 2001. (1904-2001) . She was the daughter of Julius Reynolds Perrussel and Pauline Ester (Bonjour) Perrussel. She was buried next to her husband in the Onaga, KS cemetery. Our thoughts are with her family.

Charles Bonjour

(Original source of this is unknown. I obtained it from the web page of Fred Bonjour)

Charles Bonjour came to Neuchatel in the spring of 1858, and homesteaded the quarter of land on which Neuchatel is built. He married Louise Zurcher in 1964. In 1977, he bought an organ and their home became the meeting place for the young people in the community. Their children were: Matilda (Mrs. Leon Besancon), Eugene (who died at one year of age.) Charles (who was accidentally shot and killed), Pauline (Mrs. Julius Perrussel), and Silas (who died at the age of two months.) Charles Bonjour II married Pauline Theys. They had two children: Sam Bonjour married Ellen Savajot, and Leonard married Alice Hammerly (2nd marriage to J. Russell Perrussel) Sam and Ellen had six children: Marjorie, Bud, Rosella, Betty, Mary Lou and Dale. Leonard and Alice had three children Lydia, Lawrence and Merle.
(Ed note…Alice Hammerly Bonjour Perrussel passed away in August 2000. Her three children still reside in the Onaga/Neuchatel area. Lawrence and Merle Bonjour are the caretakers of the Neuchatel Cemetery.)

Charles Bonjour sold the land for the Neuchatel Church for the sum of $75.00!

Benjamin Allen

(Original source of the following is unknown. This was from my late grandmother's book of family history that I just recently obtained. Thanks to Helen Pauline Perrussel (Thoman) for keeping it together over the last thirty years…and providing a copy. In an internet search…I have located other Allens…and they have the same information.)

Benjamin Allen was born 1723 and died in 1811 in Bain Verte, New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Sara Somers. They had a family of 8 sons and 3 daughters. Their sons were, George, Ephrain, Eliphalet, David, Benjamin, Mathew, Jonas and James. Their daughters were: Catherine, Jane and Cynthia. Benjamin Allen fought with Wolfe (Maj.-General James Wolfe)at the taking of Quebec and Louisburg, Canada. In the year of 1758-1759, and then returned to New England until 1783. He served 15 days, Nov 15 to Nov 30, 1776 with the Free French in Nova Scotia. He was a corporal, serving under Col. Jonathon Eddy and Col. Isaiah Bourdrean. His wife Sara Somers was the daughter of Mathias Somers.

Ed Note…the Battle of Quebec that Ben Allen fought in was a major battle of the French and Indian War (Also known as the Seven Years War) Maj.-General James Wolfe had surrounded Quebec City, but the French defenders kept them at bay for several months. In a stroke of military genius, Gen. Wolfe had 5,000 of his 9,000 men scale the high cliffs to reach the city. A battle on the Plains of Abraham brought a British victory…and giving England control of the New World. Both Gen. Wolfe and his French counterpart were killed in the battle…another well known British officer in the War who made a name for himself was a young man by the name of George Washington…

Bruce Perrussel

2001 Bruce Perrussel All rights reserved. Permission is granted for genealogical research. No commercial use permitted. Permission is granted for forwards and for printed copies, so long as the copyright notice remains intact.

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