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About Us

The Perrussel Family Genealogy Website is maintained by Bruce & David Perrussel. They are the sons of Russell Earl Perrussel (1927-2005), born in Onaga, Kansas and Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel (1932-2000), born near Coldwater, Kansas.

The following are the bios of Bruce & David:

Bruce Perrussel
As a hobby, Bruce Perrussel has collected information on the Perrussel and allied families for a number of years. He is continuing the tradition of many of our relatives who have kept detailed records on the Allen, Bonjour, Perrussel, Shockey, Thompson and other allied families. With the advent of the Internet, he is now displaying his collection to the world in hopes to complete his collection and to help other genealogy seekers to complete theirs.

Born in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1956, he now resides in Tacoma, Washington.

David Perrussel
As his hobby, David has made a number of websites for various things he is involved in. When his older brother Bruce was continuing the family tradition of genealogy, he volunteered to operate a website for other genealogy seekers to research their family heritages. He set up the Perrussel Family Genealogy website and displayed the information that Bruce (and other family members) had collected.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1969, he now resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


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