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Perrussel Genealogy Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 2

July 2001
Vol. 1, No. 2

Opening remarks
The Rev. Henry Morell
Jannie Shockey
Newsletter Bio-Alice Balest

I've had several nice responses to my first newsletter. I hope you Found it interesting. I am still looking for articles and bios from all of you to publish in a future edition.

Henry Morell

First, I will publish the obituary of the Rev. Henry Morell. Perrussel family records state that he came to North America and Changed his name from "Morel" to "Morell." He came to avoid military service. With him came (I believe his first wife, Louise Epron) and his 15 month daughter, Cecile Adel. (Later, Mrs. Bartholomew Perrussel.) The following obituary tells some of the Good reverend but does not provide any information on his family. In fact, it does not even mention his wife's name. I believe this Was his second wife. Does anyone have her name?

Onaga Herald September 15, 1898

The subject of this sketch, Rev. Henry Morell, was born in Geneva, Switzerland, January 24, 1815, and died at Neuchatel, Nemaha County, Kansas, September 8, 1898, aged 83 years, 7 months and 14 days. In 1842, deceased came as a missionary to Quebec, where he remained three years. Thence he went to Vermont and afterwards to New York in which states he continued laboring as a missionary in the Presbyterian Church. In 1856, he came to Kansas, laboring in the cause of his Master in Osage county for six years when he emigrated to Kankakee, Illinois, and afterward to Green Bay, Wis. In 1870 he returned to Kansas, and settled in Nemaha County, where he remained until death called him home. He was an exemplary Christian and a faithful worker in the vineyard of the Master until the infirmities of ago caused him to retire from the active field. Even then, he never failed to exhibit a Christian spirit in his daily life, and on all proper occasions to speak a timely word in behalf of the cause to which he devoted his life, and in which he "counted all things but loss so that he might win Christ." During his last days, and for some months, he had been a great sufferer, but in the midst of all he was patient and hopeful. His aged companion and devoted wife was a constant watcher at his bedside during all his afflictions, and since last Christmas did not even disrobe herself for rest until death relieved his sufferings and took from her the object of her great solitude. Besides his companion, deceased leaves four children to mourn the loss of a kind parent: Mrs. B. Perrussel, of Neuchatel, E. Morell, of Green Bay, Wis, N. Morrell of Milwaukee, Wis., and Fina A. Cornell, of Denver. Only the first two were present at his demise.

The Rev. Morell was noted as the first minister of the church at Neuchatel, Kansas. He was present at the founding of the church Corporation and purchase of the land. Please see Nicholas Junod's Web page at www.junod.ch under "emigration." He has a photo of the Church and the text of the deed. Regular services ended in 1952 And the building was destroyed by lightning in 1994. More information on the history of Neuchatel, Kansas is located On the University of Kansas web server under "Old Settler's tales." I also have several newspaper articles that I would be Happy to mail you on request.

Thanks again to Irene Stillie (stillie@networksplus.net) For obtaining this material.

Shockey Family

Another related family is: Shockey…I'm not sure if this is English or German…my grandmother was born Margaret Marie Shockey May 22, 1908 near Wheaton, Kansas, the 10th of 11 children of Samuel T. and Jannie Shockey. In this edition, I'll publish the obituary of her mother, Jannie (Allen) Shockey.

Onaga Herald September 19, 1940

Jannie Allen, daughter of Benjamin and Sara Allen, was born March 1, 1869 at Wehabago, Illinois (sic) and passed away at her home in Onaga, Kansas, September 9, 1940 at the ago of 71 years, 6 months and 8 days. On May 23, 1883 she was united in marriage to Samuel Shockey, who passed away October 19, 1935. To this union eleven children were born; Allen Shockey, Mrs. Margaret Perrussel and Mrs. Philena Holmgren of Onaga, Mrs. Elsie Shaw of Irving, Kansas, Mrs. Hattie Perrussel of Fraser, Colorado, Mrs. Winnie Baughman of Riverdale, California, Samuel Shockey Jr. of Pacific Beach, California, also those proceeding her in death, George, Mose and John Shockey and Bessie Ramsey. Since her marriage, Mrs. Shockey has lived on a farm near Wheaton for thirty-four years, in Winfield for twenty years and has spent her last four years in Onaga. She joined the Baptist church in Wheaton, Kansas at the age of nine and has changed her letter to the Baptist church in Onaga in March 1940. She leaves to mourn her passing seven children, one brother, Mose Allen of Winner, South Dakota, who has now reached the ago of 97 years. Two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Brown of Hamilton, Kansas and Mrs. Charity Connway of Fostoria, Kansas, forty-seven grandchildren, thirty-two great-grandchildren; and a number of other relatives and a host of friends all of whom have loved her dearly. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Baptist Church, conducted by Miss Ruth Campbell. Interment was in the Onaga cemetery.

(For the sake of space…and typing, I've deleted the bible verse etc. that was included in the obituary. I'll be happy to forward a full copy to anyone who would like it)

Newsletter Bio
Alice Balest

I've spent most of my life in caretaker roles. So, here goes: I was born Alice Marie Shockey in Pittsburgh, PA, 9/18/51 to Fernley James and Dorothy Bartley Shockey of Apollo, PA. I graduated from Apollo High School and Penn State University. I have a BA in General Arts & Sciences, the liberal studies option (I wrote my own curriculum) with a minor in English. I write and edit/publish a literary magazine, Pink Cadillac. I currently reside in Altoona, PA, as I have since 1979. I have one daughter and one granddaughter and one on the way in November.

My granparents were Fernley Thomas and Mary Alice Glendenning Shockey, also of Apollo. Fernley was the son of Matthew H and Sarah Mary Broadhead Shockey who resided in Rathmel, Jefferson Co, PA, until moving to Kiskiminetas Twp, Armstrong Co, PA, in 1899, where their 7th child was born in 1902.

Matthew Shockey resided with Sarah Broadhead's family in Winslow Tp, Jefferson Co, in the 1880 census. He was listed as a boarder. Sarah's mother was widowed in 1866 and some of the children lived with neighbors/nearby family. Matthew later mined coal, along with Sarah's brother Thomas Broadhead. Matthew died in 1904 in Paulton, Westmoreland Co, PA, of heart failure. {Note: I think it was black lung.}

Matthew was the son of John Valentine Shockey of Clearfield Co, PA. The name of his wife could be Mary Ann Ort--but it's not sure. My theory is that John V was married and had 4 children: Philena Rachel, Abraham Christopher, Frances Ann, and Matthew H. John V was married in 1852, when Matthew was born, to Mary Ann Ort. THe death certificates for the first 3 children notes John as the father but the mother unknown.


I guess when you are the writer/publisher…you also get to write your own editorials…

I've now had the opportunity to meet many distant cousins because of the power of the internet. I've truly enjoyed the e-mail exchanges, the sharing of GEDCOMS, the wait for the next piece of information to come in the mail…I know you all feel that too. However, I sometimes feel that sometimes we all need to take a step back and remember that for most of us…this is a hobby. A very important one at that, it gives us a sense of who we are and who came before us. The circle remains unbroken. In our communications With other family and researchers, remember that patients and understanding with others will go a long way in achieving our goals.

Please feel free to contact me with any of your thoughts, feelings and questions. I hope you enjoyed this effort.

Bruce Perrussel

2001 Bruce Perrussel All rights reserved. Permission is granted for genealogical research. No commercial use permitted. Permission is granted for forwards and for printed copies, so long as the copyright notice remains intact.

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