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Perrussel Genealogy Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 1

June 2001
Vol. 1 No. 1

It seems that as time passed, I am in contact with more and more of the extended family. I thought that to speed information to everyone…a newsletter would be a good idea. Many of the family has expressed a desire for information…so I thought it would be a Good idea. I'll publish this on a "time available" basis. I am also looking for articles that Anyone would like to write about a family member…I think that information on what kind a person a family member is/was is even more interesting than just the name and dates. I hope you will agree.

Some of what may be published may not be a part of your family tree. The main families that I am affiliated with are Perrussel, Bonjour and Shockey…I'll also include tips and links to web pages that you may find interesting. You can e-mail me with your questions, Articles and comments. Please feel free to print and provide to members of your family that do not have internet access.

Bartholomew Perrussel

Since many of us are descended from Bartholomew, I thought it would be a good place to Start. My father, Russell E. Perrussel has his passport…this has been passed down over the generations. One reason the surname may have remained intact…(many got changed At Ellis Island and other ports of call) was that it appears he could read and write. His Signature appears on the passport.

Onaga Herald
May, 7, 1908

Bartholomew Perrussel was born July 15, 1826 near Lyons, France. In 1854 (Ed Note..year was 1855) he moved from France to America and located at Green Bay, WI. From there he with his family moved to Kansas and located at Neuchatel, April of 1883. Passed from this life at the old home one-half mile west of Neuchatel, April 28, 1908, age 81 years, 9 months and 13 days. Mr. Perrussel was married to Cecelia Adel Morell while at Green Bay, WI, August 27, 1863. To this happy union were born eight children, seven of whom are still living, three sons and four daughters. One died in infancy. The sons are Henry, Julius and Eli, all of Onaga KS. The daughters are Mrs. Louise Kapfamer, of Louisville, KY, Mrs. Ester Winters, Onaga, Mrs. Hattie A Wells, Wheaton, and Miss Ida Perrussel, of Onaga; all were present at the funeral except Mrs. Kapfamer of Louisville, Ky. Mr. Perrussel was born a Catholic and was converted to the Protestant faith in 1851 and united with the Evangelical church. After coming to this country he united with the Presbyterian Church in Wisconsin and the Neuchatel church upon coming to Kansas.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the many kind and thoughtful friend who assisted in any way during the sickness, death and funeral of our beloved Husband and Father.

Mrs. Perrussel and Children

(Ed Note…the obituary was typed as written)

Irene Stillie provided this copy from microfilm. She has provided me with many obituaries and other information. She is related to me through the Shockey family, but has helped on many Perrussel requests. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her work.

I show that Bartholomew had parents of Joseph Perrussel and Jacqueline Ruissel, but have no information about them. If you have the family tree back into France, I would love to have it! I do have a couple of photos of Bartholomew, Adel and family…please send me your "snail mail" address if you would like a copy.

I am looking for information on the Rev. Henry Morell. He was the first minister of the Neuchatel Church. Family records say he and his first wife came to America from Switzerland. His daughter, Cecelia Adel later became Mrs. Bartholomew Perrussel. The records I received said he left Switzerland to avoid military service…and changed his last name from Morel to Morell. (I've also seen it spelled other ways too.) He is buried at the Neuchatel Cemetery, along with a daughter, Tamer. (Some records say that Tamer was with a second wife…but I do not have her name.) One account says she moved back to Wisconsin after his death. My records show that his first wife was Louise Epron..the accounts read that she died on the trip to Wisconsin to Kansas..or that she passed away On their farm in Wisconsin. Does anyone have more information?

If you would like more information on the Neuchatel Church…go to www. junod.ch. Nicholas Junod has quite a detailed genealogy page. (The page is in French and English-just click on the version you want.) If you follow the links, you will get lots of Information on both Neuchatel Switzerland and Neuchatel Kansas.

I would also like to thank Nicholas for all his help with Neuchatel and the Bonjour family history.

I would like to start a piece on a little bit about ourselves…please send me your bio and I'll include it in a future edition.

Bruce K. Perrussel

I'm 49 years old, born November 24, 1956 in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas to Russell E. and Patricia J. (Thompson) Perrussel. I lived in the Kansas City area until I was almost 17. My father received a job transfer to Washington State in 1973, so he, my mother and brother moved to Olympia, WA. I finished High School there, then attended Centralia College and Washington State University. I received by BA in Communications in 1979. After a short time working in radio…I had to get a "real" job, so worked as a bank teller, then loan and collection officer for different banks and credit unions. I got married on May 13, 2005 to my wife Melody. She has 3 children from a previous marriage. My parents and brother moved to Pennsylvania in 1982. Dad teaches chemistry at a local community college. My brother David is an electrical engineer and works for Naval Surface Warfare Center Virginia. My mother was a homemaker and passed away in December 2000. She is buried at Neuchatel, Kansas.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

You can the "Perrussel" family history at www.rootsweb.com!

Hope you liked the news letter..

Bruce Perrussel

2001 Bruce Perrussel All rights reserved. Permission granted for genealogical use. No commercial use permitted. Copying and forwarding are permitted so long as the copyright notice remains intact.

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