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Thompson Family Photographs

The following are scanned in photographs and other memorabilia from the Thompson family.
Click on the links or the photos themselves for a larger size picture.

Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson
Photograph of Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson in her later years.

Sylvester and Charlotte (Doty) Murray
Sylvester and Charlotte (Doty) Murray (Sylvester: 1848-1906)

Sylvester Murray
Another picture of Sylvester Murray (1848-1906)

Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson
Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson (1886-1975).
Taken in 1902 at age 16. She informed the family that dress was red.

Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel
Photograph of Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel (1932-2000) at age 17.


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