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Perrussel Family History & Photographs

The following are scanned in photographs and other memorabilia from the Perrussel family.
Click on the links or the photos themselves for a larger size picture.

Bartholmew Perrussel's Passport
A scanned copy of Bartholmew's passport from 1854.

Marriage License of Bartholmew & Adel Perrussel

Bartholomew Perrussel & Family
Picture of Bartholomew and Adel (Morell) Perrussel and Family, circa 1889.

Bartholmew Perrussel's Obituary
A scanned copy of the Onaga Herald showing Bartholmew Perrussel's obituary in 1908.

Adel Perrussel's Obituary
A scanned copy of the Onaga Herald showing Adel (Morell) Perrussel's obituary in 1925.

Perrussel Family Portrait - Thanksgiving 1942

Perrussel Family Portrait - Thanksgiving 1942 (description)

Cecile Adel (Morell) Perrussel with daughter, Ida Perrussel
Cecile Adel (Morell) Perrussel (25 Jan 1841 - 15 Mar 1925) with daughter, Ida Perrussel (10 Jan 1883 - 14 Mar 1972). Photo was taken in the early 1920's, shortly before Adel's death.

Julius Reynolds Perrussel and Pauline E. (Bonjour) Perrussel
Photo taken Oct 3, 1953. Their 60th wedding anniversary.

Perrussel Family Reunion (1926?)
Back Row-Left to Right-Standing-Glen Winters, Henry Perrussel, John Winters, Raymond Perrussel, Julius Reynolds Perrussel, Laura Perrussel-Vaniman, Lawrence Vanimam, Waunita Perrussel Cass holds Genevieve, Chester Winters, Emile Cass, Grace Perrussel, Eli Perrussel, Elsie Perrussel, Gilbert Kapfhammer, Jack Winters.

L-R Seated-Lillian Perrussel, Esther Winters, Hattie Perrussel-Wells, Matilda (Tillie) Perrussel, Louise Kapfhammer, Pauline Perrussel, Ida Perrussel, Percy Perrussel

Seated on ground-L to R: Clark Winters, Helen Perrussel, Eva Winters, Tamar Perrussel, Estella Winters, Florence Perrussel, Russell Perrussel, Margaret (Shockey) Perrussel

Russell Earl & Helen Pauline Perrussel

A picture of Russell Earl & Helen Pauline Perrussel (circa 1938). Russell Earl is 11 and Helen Pauline is 8.

Picnic in Onaga Park September 15, 1963

Held in the honor of Harold and Grace (Perrussel) Smith. Back Row-L-R-Leroy Kuehl, Verne Ratcliff, Leon and Ralph Ratcliff, Carol Lewis, Harold Smith, Florence (Perrussel) Ratcliff, Emile Cass. Front Row-L-R-Helen Kuehl. Margaret and Russell Perrussel, Elsie (Perrussel) Lewis, Waunita (Perrussel) Cass, Grace (Perrussel) Smith, Ida Perrussel.

Photo of Perrussel Cousins May 1948
Front Row: Leon Ratcliff, Marilyn Cass, Marie, Duane Ratcliff Genevive Cass, Helen Pauline Perrussel, Gene Ratcliff, Russell Earl Perrussel

Russell Earl & Patricia Jean Perrussel

A wedding picture of Russell Earl & Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel - September 23, 1951 at the First Christian Church - Kingsport, TN.

Perrussel Family 1997
Here is your friendly genealogist and family, taken July 26, 1997 in Gibsonia (Pittsburgh), PA at the home of Russ and Pat Perrussel
Back Row-Russell Perrussel, Bruce Perrussel, David Perrussel
Front Row-Patricia Perrussel

Perrussel Family 2001
Here is your friendly genealogist and family, taken May 13, 2001 in Topeka, KS at the home of Helen Pauline Perrussel (Thoman)
Back Row-Bruce Perrussel, David Perrussel
Front Row-Russell E. Perrussel, Helen Pauline Perrussel (Thoman) (1930-2003)

Perrussel Family Farm 2001
This photo was taken from the road at Neuchatel, Kansas. This was the home of Julius and Pauline (Bonjour) Perrussel. The background for many of the photos.....It is no longer in the family. JR and Pauline sold it in 1944. By chance, while at the cemetery, we met the man who had purchased the property at that time. Don't recall his name. This photo will bring back memories for many of you.

Florence (Perrussel) Ratcliff
"Aunt Flo" (also known to many as "Mama Rat"). Flo was the last of JR and Pauline's Perrussel's children to pass away, just shy of her 95th birthday (Nov 24 1909 - Nov 3 2004). The picture below was taken in her home in May 2001. She still had the same wonderful personality when we knew her many years before.

Russell E. Perrussel Memorial Service
A number of cousins, nieces and nephews who attended Russell E. Perrussel's memorial service at Neuchatel Cemetery on April 22, 2006.

Helen Pauline (Perrussel) Thoman's Children
The children of Helen P. Thoman. Left to Right in birth order: Keith, Mina, Pam, Clay.
Taken at Neuchatel Cemetery on April 22, 2006.

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