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Other Related Family History & Photographs

The following are scanned in photographs and other memorabilia from other related families who have origins in the Onaga and Neuchatel areas.

Click on the links or the photos themselves for a larger size picture.

Sam & Jannie Shockey
Replacement gravestone for Sam and Jannie Shockey at Onaga City Cemetary. Sam's original is very hard to read, Janie's was completely unreadable. The new gravestone was installed in August 2001 at the Onaga Cemetary. Photo taken April 2006.

Alice & Leonard Bonjour
Alice & Leonard Bonjour's gravestone at Neuchatel Cemetary. Photo taken April 2006. Leonard died in 1967. Alice remarried to J. Russell Perrussel in 1973. Russell died in 1987, Alice died in 2000 and was buried next to her first husband.

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