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Onaga, Kansas History & Photographs

The following are photographs and other memorabilia from Onaga (Pottawatomie County), Kansas.

Click on the links or the photos themselves for a larger size picture.

Onaga, Kansas - Town View (north)
1920 or previous...no date provided. Looking down Main (now called Leonard Street) Used to be State Highway 16 until the mid-1960's. Some of those buildings are still there as of April 2006.

Onaga, Kansas - Town View (north)
An updated view of the above picture - taken April 2006. Leonard Street, looking north.

Onaga, Kansas - Birds-Eye View
1920 or previous...no date provided. A "Birds-Eye" view of town.

Onaga, Kansas - Town View (south)
Leonard Street, looking south. Photo taken April 2006.

World War I Doughboy
A "doughboy" statue in honor of World War I vets.  Photo taken April 2006.

Old Onaga Post Office
The old Onaga post office. A new post office replaced it in the 1980s. This building later housed a pizza shop (which has since relocated to Leonard Street in the old Sinclair service station). As of April 2006, the building was empty. Photo taken April 2006.


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