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Perrussel & Related Family Obituaries

Obituaries for members of the Perrussel and related families.

Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel
Obituary for Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel (1932-2000).

In Memoriam - Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel
A memoriam for the 50th wedding anniversary and the one year death anniversary for Patricia Jean (Thompson) Perrussel.

Helen Pauline (Perrussel) Thoman
Obituary for Helen Pauline (Perrussel) Thoman (1930-2003).

Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson
Obituary for Anna Mae (Murray) Thompson (1886-1975).

Florence E. (Perrussel) Ratcliff
Obituary for Florence E. (Perrussel) Ratcliff (aka "Mama Rat") (1909-2004).

Russell Earl Perrussel
Obituary for Russell Earl Perrussel (1927-2005).

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