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Neuchatel, Kansas Photographs

The following are scanned in photographs and other memorabilia taken at Neuchatel (Nemaha County), Kansas.

Click on the links or the photos themselves for a larger size picture.

A History of Neuchatel (Kansas) & Surrounding Area
A nine-part newspaper article (Onaga Herald, 1970) about Neuchatel Kansas and the surrounding area.

Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3
Article 4 | Article 5 | Article 6
Article 7 | Article 8a | Article 8b
Article 9 | Church | Pews





Neuchatel Church Memorial
Memorial of the former Neuchatel Church (which burned in 1994). Photo taken May 2001.

Photo of the One-Room Neuchatel School
Taken May 2001. This photo is not the best quality...I took it through the window. It should give you a feeling on how our ancestors learned their ABC's. You may not be able to make it out, but I noticed that Vincent Cass has written his name on the chalkboard.

Rededication of the Neuchatel Church
A photo from the 1905 rededication of the Neuchatel Church. This has many of our family members in it


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